A Homeless Man Gives An Exceptional X Factor Audition

The judges were blown away by a homeless X Factor contender. The X Factor judges see a lot of candidates, but they’ve never seen an audition quite like this one.

Robbie Hance, 26, is a vocalist who has been singing since he was a child. He loved to sing wherever he went and would stand in the middle of the street for anyone who would listen. His love of singing never waned, and it eventually led him to compete for The X Factor, a hit competition series in which judges look for hidden talent.

Robbie’s desire is to sing, but he has no idea that grander aspirations are going to come true during his audition. When the judges inquired about Robbie’s residence, they were perplexed. And their jaws dropped when he said that he was homeless and had been living on the streets or at the homes of friends for the past six years.

He used what he loved, music, to divert himself from his position. Music was the one thing he gravitated toward, and he excelled at it. And the judges saw it when he played his guitar and sang his own version of Damien Rice’s “Coconut Skins.”

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