Karma Being Served Cold: 10 Photos of Instant Retribution

Karma has a unique way of swiftly delivering consequences to those who act recklessly. There’s no sweeter redemption than witnessing Karma exact its justice with a heavy hand.

Here at Viral Strange, we’ve curated a collection of photos that showcase instances where Karma serves instant retribution to individuals.

1. This is what you get for parking like this!

2. Guess who is still unemployed?

3. He said it loud and clear!

4. Leave me inside on a hot day, I leave you outside for the rest of the day!

5. You don’t give me Pizza? I’ll sit on pizza.

6. Never abandon your pets, people!

7. OMG the poor toilet!

8. Can’t fu*k with mother, son!

9. Hahaha, the joke’s on you girl!

10. Who you are going to pay now Mugs?

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