Hero Dad Turns Toast Into Architectural Masterpieces

For people with severe food allergies, meals can be bland and repetitive — but one dad is proving they don’t have to be boring. As ABC reports, suburban dad Adam Perry is gaining an Instagram following for his clever toast art creations.

Perry says he makes breakfast for his family every morning before school, but because of his youngest daughter’s severe food allergies he’s limited to what he can serve her. A daily plate of toasted white bread with sunflower oil has become part of their routine, and thanks to a little ingenuity he’s found ways to cheer up their dull breakfast.

“I started to feel really sorry for her that her breakfast was so boring everyday, the same old two slices of white toast,” Perry says. “So I started playing with toast to get her excited about her breakfast again and to make both the girls laugh when they came down to eat.” Perry started 15 weeks ago with his bready interpretation of the London Eye ferris wheel (the family lives outside of London) and has since moved on to more advanced engineering feats.

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