Leonardo DiCaprio Celebrates 49th Birthday in Style with A-List Friends and New Flame Vittoria Ceretti

On November 11, Leonardo DiCaprio turned 49. He began celebrating his almost half-century birthday the day before.

Last Friday, paparazzi caught Leo in Santa Monica at the Italian restaurant Giorgio Baldi, a popular spot among celebrities.

On this evening, the Hollywood bachelor was dressed entirely in black, but a cap pulled down over his eyes and a mask covering half his face didn’t shield him from public attention.

Reporters and fans have long deciphered this disguise. DiCaprio had no choice but to quicken his pace and enter the establishment where his friends awaited. Among them, the star of “Spider-Man” Tobey Maguire, his ex-wife and jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer, and her boyfriend Jeffrey Ogunlesi were spotted.

The party didn’t go without Leo’s new flame, 25-year-old Vittoria Ceretti. Their romance began in August of this year. According to insiders, Leo was captivated by the beauty of the girl and promptly took decisive action – introducing her to his mother. Whether this move can be seen as a statement of the actor’s serious intentions will only be revealed with time.

As is known, DiCaprio has a habit of parting ways with his girlfriends once they turn 26. An exception might be Gigi Hadid, who is currently in a relationship with Leo’s best friend Bradley Cooper. By the way, he was not present at the celebration.

As for Ceretti, the Italian model has a reserve of 7 months to challenge the rules of the so-called “Club 25.” And she does it stylishly. For the party, the Italian model chose a casual look – distressed jeans, a white blouse, and an oversized black jacket. However, reporters note that Vittoria didn’t seem very happy throughout the evening.

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