Carrie Underwood Cancels All Remaining Shows With Garth Brooks: “I Didn’t Enjoy The Booing”

Carrie Underwood isn’t used to being booed. She’s a performer who loves her art and keeps her personal beliefs and politics to herself.

However, when she took the stage for the first of a dozen planned shows with Garth Brooks, she was treated to a round of booing for his opinions.

“Other than my faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,” said Spokesman Joe Barron, “Ms. Underwood has no comment on politics, Bud Light, Donald Trump, or anyone else.”

That’s an excellent policy these days. These famous people basically have two options: Keep their traps shut and do what we the people pay them for, which is to entertain us, or face the wrath of America.

ALLOD political Analyzer Tara Newhole says it really boils down to one thing: Do you want to Make America Great Again, or do you hate the troops? There is no middle ground on that. There just isn’t.

“That’s true,” said Newhole, “If you’ve spent any time at Elon’s cesspool, there’s a definite belief that anyone or anything not completely in line with the Trump cult thing hates America and will lose because that’s what losers do. It’s pretty fascinating to watch.”

Carrie Underwood wants nothing to do with any of that, most likely because in the real world, aligning with that ideology makes you Kid Rock or Ted Nugent, “two absolute hacks.”

James Woods and Scott Baio disagree. God Bless America.

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