Jimmy Carter revealed heartbreaking plan to his son months before Rosalynn’s death

Jimmy Carter remained convinced he would outlive his wife Rosalynn, and remained determined to protect her and care for her to the best of his ability to the end.

That’s according to new information from his son, Chip Carter, who also revealed that his father had become concerned he might pass before Rosalynn given his deteriorating health.

Alas, the former First Lady passed away on Saturday afternoon on November 19, having joined her husband of 77 years in hospice care less than 48 hours prior.

According to reports, the 96-year-old died at her home in Plains, Georgia at 2:10 p.m on November 19. Rosalynn famously served in the White House alongside her husband between 1977 and 1981 but continued to carry out humanitarian work in the years following through the Carter Center.

Last week, Rosalynn joined her husband half a year after being diagnosed with dementia. Yet a mere two days after doing so, Rosalynn’s health continued to deteriorate after she picked up an infection that antibiotics failed to fight.

As per new reports, Jimmy sat in his wheelchair by her bed, but soon made the heartbreaking decision to send others out of the room so that he could be alone with his love.

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