Academy of Country Music Votes to Remove Garth Brooks From Its Roster

Garth Brooks is no longer a voting member of the Academy of Country Music. As of ten minutes before the writing of this exclusive article, inside sources confirm that Brooks has been ostracized from the elite club.

“There was a vote from the Board of Governors to call for a quorum of the membership, and they all decided to open the floor to discussions of whether or not a vote should take place among the full body,” said CMA Comptroller Joe Barron, “We’re waiting to tabulate the results of all three ballots.”

Once the ballots are read, the decision will be final, and Brooks will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately.

There was only one other time that someone was ousted as a member, and that was Taylor Swift, but her departure was inevitable after she decided that she was from a Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania and started writing real music.

As for Brooks, with his membership revoked, he won’t be able to vote on any votes about whether or not to vote, nor any of the subsequent votes when voting is voted for. Or against. I don’t know it’s hard to keep up at this point.

He’ll also lose all the other benefits of membership, including the 20 percent discount at Golden Corrall and the free refrigerator magnet after three trips to Kid Rock’s Nashville Honky Tonk. Three drink minimum.

In other words, Brooks will really regret this one. God Bless America.

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