Doja Cat-Illuminati Romance Rumours Get A Boost By The Singer Herself As She Captions Her Instagram Post “Illuminatits”

Doja Cat took to her social media account to take a dig at Illuminati rumours but ended up making it stronger. Check out her post.

Singer Doja Cat continues to play along with rumours linking her to Illuminati. Having been speculated to be part of the secret society, the Grammy Award-winning artiste has fueled the bizarre conspiracy theory with an Instagram post that showed off her graphic design skills.

The 27-year-old took to her social media account on Saturday, August 12 to share the snaps in which she appears to be hairless and her face is distorted.

In one of the mostly pink images, she is seen sitting on the side of a bed with her arms thrown up in the air, a pink sparkly Care Bare sitting beside her and a stream of falling money on top of it.

“ILLUMINATITS,” “I think my cat is Illuminati” and “I joined the Illuminati” all flash across the screen in obnoxious fonts.

Another picture has her flashing a “V” sign with an animated cigarette on her mouth while she sports a pink bikini in a Hello Kitty-themed room. A spaceship and an alien are added to the image with the words “Debunked by actual facts” flashing on the top part.

A third picture sees her throwing her hands in the air while sitting in an all-pink theater while declaring: “welcome to my profile” with a picture of cartoon figure of a pink cat, butterflies and a heart surrounding her. “it’s true,” so she simply captioned the post.

In the comments section, Doja’s post was met with mixed response, with an irritated person saying, “This girl is definitely mentally unstable.” Another alleged, “shes losing her fuccin mind,” while a third seemed to believe Doja’s claim as claiming, “She’s hiding it in plain sight, smart move.”

Others think that Doja was only trolling with the post, as one remarked, “Now this is trolling to the perfection! Only the weak-minded here would believe.” Another declared, “The newly crowned queen of Trolling!”

Some people mocked those who were mad at Doja for the post. “sometimes i understand why doja cant stand her fans shes straight up so obviously trolling u guys are so braindead,” one of them noted. Another added, “The way that she is trolling y’all and you’re falling for it is hysterical.”

Getting Doja’s sense of humor, someone commented, “LMFAOOOO Doja cat so funny son.” Another mocked the haters, “Doja be making money off y’all capping.”

Doja followed up the post with photoshopped images of her thirst traps. “Hating me won’t make you pretty,” read a message on one of the posts.

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