Kim K – Ariana Grande’s love rival has an accidental and painful wardrobe malfunction

Kim Kardashian suffered an embarrassing albeit hilarious wardrobe malfunction in a preview of next week’s episode of Hulu’s “The Kardashians.”

Wearing a latex bralette and matching pants, Kardashian was horrified when she realized her pants had ripped.

“It’s stuck. It hurts so bad,” the stunned reality star admitted, as she noticed her pants were split in multiple areas.

The incident, filmed moments before Kardashian was supposed to speak at the iConnections’ Global Alts Conference in Miami, took place in February. “I just was dying inside sitting up on stage, like, feeling a breeze” she confessed of the awkward moment.

By the time Kardashian took the stage, she was wearing a long blazer that covered her famous figure.

The episode was full of confessionals from Kardashian, who also revealed that when she and sister Kourtney Kardashian were teenagers, they frequently called a hotline for fun. Younger sister Khloé divulged her sisters’ secret while they visited the Century City Mall, which was a regular hangout for the Kardashian sisters.

“We would talk to these guys. And they would be like, ‘Okay. Yah. Meet me at Blockbuster . . . at the mall.’ And we’d see the poor guy, and we’d stand him up and we’d take a Polaroid,” she says of the unknowing men.

“And we have a book of Polaroids of these guys that we would stand up at the mall,” she shared.

The sisters, whose relationship has turned tumultuous in recent years, actually call the hotline during the episode, since Kourtney knows the number “by heart.” The SKIMS founder pretends to be a woman named Samantha, before she ultimately hangs up on the unknowing man named Chris.

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