Dad & Daughter Recreate High School Grad Photo After 18 Years – People Look Closer And Spot A Detail They Can’t Let Go

As a parent, seeing your child graduate from high school or college is one of the most memorable events in your life.

People who have been through it will remember the pride and unbridled joy that come from seeing your not-so-little one finish a part of their life they worked so hard to complete.

Dennis Roach, a dad from Texas, must have felt ten times better in 2018 because his daughter’s high school graduation gave him the chance to take a picture from 2000 all over again, and the result made people all over the world smile…

Dennis finished high school in 2000, and he was lucky to have his toddler daughter Tori with him for the party.

At the time, they posed for a picture, and Dennis kissed his little girl. It was the right way to remember his big day.

In 2018, Tori Roach was the one who marked the occasion of her high school graduation.

Dennis was, of course, there to celebrate the occasion, and he and the other person had the great idea to take a new picture of the two of them from eighteen years ago.

In the new story, Tori lay in her dad’s arms and got a kiss on the face again.

People on Twitter loved the pictures she posted of the pictures from 2000 and 2018. No one could have predicted how well it would be received.

“18 years later,” Tori wrote under her picture. It quickly went global, getting 57,000 reposts and almost 150,000 likes.

In the comments section, many people were happy to see the picture.

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