Family of 7 who outgrew 40-ft school bus build beautiful ‘tiny home’ on top of bus

Imagine a life where the open road is your backyard and every day promises a new adventure.
Jeff, Anna, and their five children don’t have to imagine it — they live it.

In a 40-foot school bus transformed into a double-decker tiny house, this family of seven has found a unique way to combine home, travel, and education into one seamless experience.

The bus, a marvel of DIY ingenuity, is not just a vehicle but a full-fledged home equipped with all the amenities one could wish for.

The journey begins in the driver’s area, a cockpit redesigned for comfort and functionality.
Gone are the unnecessary switches and equipment, replaced by an iPad for navigation and a backup camera screen.

The driver’s area is a well-thought-out space that enhances the driving experience, complete with an RV-specific GPS app that takes into account the bus’s dimensions.

As you step further into the bus, you’re greeted by an L-shaped couch that serves multiple purposes.
Not only is it a cozy spot for the family to gather, but it also houses seat belts for safe travel and a mini-split unit for climate control.

The couches even have storage compartments underneath, making every inch of the bus functional.

Nearby, a bookshelf brimming with books reflects the family’s commitment to education and the importance of literature in their lives.

The kitchen shows the family’s desire for a residential feel. Full-sized counters, a propane stove, and solid plywood cabinets make it a fully functional space.

A washer-dryer combo and a pull-out spice rack add to the convenience.
Even the refrigerator and snack cabinets are designed to maximize space while ensuring that they stay closed during travel.

What sets this bus apart is its second story, a feat of engineering and creativity.
Built on top of the original structure, the upper level is framed with metal studs and decked with resin-impregnated OSB for strength and durability.

The exterior is clad in vinyl siding, making it weatherproof. This addition cost the family an extra $15,000, bringing the total investment to around $50,000.

The bus is equipped with 96 gallons of fresh water storage and a mini-split climate control system.

It also features an EcoFlow Delta Pro power bank with 3.6 kilowatt-hours of lithium iron phosphate batteries, capable of taking in 1600 watts of solar power.

This makes the bus not just a home, but a sustainable one at that.

Jeff’s workspace is a compact area equipped with a high-voltage breaker box and a router for Starlink internet service.

The children have their own bunks, complete with chalkboard walls for learning and creativity.

The bathroom features a Nature’s Head composting toilet and a full ceramic tile shower, proving that small spaces can still offer luxury.

The master bedroom is a sanctuary with a king-sized bed that lifts to reveal additional storage.

The second floor serves as the children’s domain, complete with individual rooms and a common area for watching TV.

Each space is adorned with books, trinkets, and treasures that the family has collected during their travels, adding a personal touch to their mobile home.

For Jeff, Anna, and their children, the bus is more than a home — it’s a lifestyle.

They’ve embraced the challenges and reaped the rewards, meeting new friends and learning invaluable lessons along the way.

As Jeff puts it, “If you have a dream, don’t let anything get in the way. Just do the dream.”

Check out the full home tour in the video below!
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