Dad & Fiancée Exclude His Daughter from Their Wedding after She Bought a Dress & Shoes for It

In a surprising turn of events, a teenage girl discovered she was excluded from her father and stepmother’s wedding. The couple decided on a child-free event, extending the restriction to those under 18, which included the girl.

The revelation came just weeks before the wedding, leaving the girl devastated, especially considering her close relationship with her father. Despite her 18th birthday being two days after the ceremony, she found herself barred from attending.

On her 18th birthday, the girl, feeling mature and confident, celebrated on social media. This triggered a wave of reactions from friends and family, prompting criticism towards her dad and stepmom’s decision.

The backlash led to heated exchanges, with the girl being called immature and selfish by her dad and stepmom. They justified their exclusion, arguing that her actions validated their decision.

Conflicted and seeking perspective, the girl turned to Reddit’s AITA community, asking for opinions on whether her public expression of feelings and birthday celebration were justified despite being excluded from her father’s wedding.

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