Michael Strahan’s 19-year-old daughter Isabella shares her brain cancer diagnosis

In an interview with Robin Roberts that aired on Good Morning America on Thursday, Michael Strahan and his daughter Isabella shared the devastating news of her brain cancer diagnosis.

“I didn’t realize anything was wrong until probably around October 1,” she told Roberts. “That’s when I definitely noticed headaches, nausea, couldn’t walk straight.”

“I’m feeling well. Not too bad,” she said and added she is to start therapy next month.

“I don’t really remember much,” Michael admitted. “All I remember was trying to find out how to get to LA as soon as possible. And it simply doesn’t seem genuine. It didn’t feel real.”

Following a surgery and many months of radiation therapy, as well as time to rehabilitate, Isabella was finally able to ring the bell.

“It was fantastic. It was quite thrilled since it had been a lengthy 30 sessions over six weeks.

“It’s been about two months of remaining silent, which is obviously challenging. I don’t want to hide it anymore because it’s hard to keep in,” she remarked. “I hope to just kind of be a voice, and be [someone] who maybe [those who] are going through chemotherapy or radiation can look at.”

Her dad added, “I literally think that in a lot of ways, I’m the luckiest man in the world because I’ve got an amazing daughter. I know she’s going through it, but I know that we’re never given more than we can handle and that she is going to crush this.”

We are so happy Isabella is now cancer free.

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