In the spot where he was left 4 years ago, a loyal dog awaited his owners… He is now…

A dog will not wait for his owners indefinitely. He was accidentally left near the station by his owners. This incident occurred in Thailand.

Leo was the name of the puppy. He was a family friend who was always there for them. He did not leave the location where he last saw his family.

Many people spotted the dog, and the photo of the dog was shared on social media. After some time, the dog’s owner was discovered.

The dog was taken home by a woman who looked after him. The dog was fully fed, but he did not stay long and returned to the location where he had become disoriented.

The dog never gave up hope of seeing his family again. He waited four years for them. When the family arrived, the dog was pleased to see them but refused to accompany them…

The dog developed a bond with a lady who always fed and cared for him.

Despite the fact that the dog misses his folks, he is content and safe with his new family.

This 45-year-old woman’s dog remained grateful and dedicated. They were inseparable as their friendship became stronger.

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