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On Thursday, Baltimore Ravens tight end Mark Andrews was instrumental in saving a woman’s life on a Southwest flight from Baltimore to Phoenix. The drama unfolded mid-flight when a woman passenger experienced a severe medical emergency.

According to eyewitness and fellow passenger Andrew Springs, who shared the incident on Twitter, the situation looked dire. The medical professionals on board struggled to stabilize the woman, who had an alarmingly low blood pressure and was in urgent need of oxygen to breathe. “It was genuinely scary,” Springs recounted.

However, amidst the panic, Andrews suggested that the woman’s symptoms might be due to her blood sugar levels and promptly offered his diabetic testing kit to the attending doctor and nurse. His quick thinking came from a place of personal experience, as Andrews himself has managed diabetes throughout his career.


Andrews’ intervention proved pivotal. Under his guidance, the medical team was able to use the test kit effectively, which helped stabilize the woman’s heart rate until the flight could safely land. Paramedics were waiting to provide further assistance as soon as the plane touched down, ensuring the woman received the medical attention she needed.

Opting for no fanfare, Andrews quietly deplaned. Springs’ account of the incident on social media has garnered widespread attention. “Watching complete strangers spring into action to help save someone’s life is truly amazing,” Springs noted.

Andrews released an official statement, attributing all the credit to the “real heroes” and expressing his gratitude towards the flight attendants, the nurse, and the doctor on board the plane.

Andrews, who plays for the Baltimore Ravens, has established himself as one of the NFL’s premier tight ends. He has become a favorite target for Lamar Jackson, the Ravens’ quarterback, and has contributed significantly to the team’s offense since his rookie season.

Off the field, Andrews is known for his advocacy and awareness efforts regarding Type 1 diabetes, a condition he has managed since he was a child.

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