Texas defies federal government, takes a stand against Joe Biden administration

Texas takes a stand! They were told that federal agents could cut the razor wire, but Texas is defying them by putting up even more barbed wire to protect the border.

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of President Joe Biden’s administration, saying that federal agents could remove the razor wire as needed. Texas disagrees and plans to defy that ruling and possibly place more razor wire as needed.

Critics on social media made bold claims suggesting that President Joe Biden is failing at protecting the United States southern border between Texas and Mexico, and there is likely statistics to back up those claims. The final number of illegal immigrants to cross into America during Joe Biden’s tenure as president will be known once his presidency ends, or his first term ends. Then the comparisons will be made and Joe Biden is likely to get bad news on his work with the border.

In fact, it’s perhaps so bad that Alejandro Mayorkas is also facing impeachment. House Republicans are coming down hard on Mayorkas, stating that he’s failed to do his job and should be removed from his position.

Why is Joe Biden’s administration not protecting the border? It’s an election year and they’re flooding the country with migrants. Sounds like a really bad idea. Trending Politics reported on this:

The Supreme Court, siding with the Biden administration, ruled on Monday that Border Patrol agents could remove the razor wire. However, members of the Texas National Guard were seen assembling the wire in Eagle Pass, Texas, following the ruling. Republican Representative Clay Higgins has urged Texas to “stand their ground,” echoing sentiments that the federal government’s actions could be leading towards a civil conflict.

The razor wire, part of Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s Operation Lone Star, was initially installed to curb illegal immigration, spanning approximately 30 miles near Eagle Pass. The initiative also included busing thousands of migrants to Democratic-led cities and arresting migrants on trespassing charges.

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