The employee of the school unexpectedly came on stage and danced in the presence of the students.

School is the second home for every student.

The most unforgettable years pass at school, and childhood turns into youth. It is usually very sad to say goodbye to school and beloved teachers. But not only teachers can sink into the soul of children. Many American schools have security worker who keep order and safety. In one of these schools, a security worker worked, who not only followed the order, but also was friends with all the students. Everyone loved him, from elementary school students to graduates. The security worker always had a joke ready to amuse the children.

Moreover, his teachers loved him very much and joked that the security worker at school was more important than the teachers. And then one day he announced to everyone that he was resigning and going on vacation. it was very hard for the children to hear this, children could not imagine the school without their beloved policeman.

Not every person can have such qualities that children are so attached to him. However, the security worker did not just leave. At parting, he decided to arrange a surprise and invited several guys from the senior classes to participate in his idea. The school was preparing for a concert and the security worker decided to join him and dance on stage.

He trained with the children for several months and on the day of the concert, when the whole hall was full of students and their parents, he went on stage. He was in work uniform. Security worker began to dance.

No one expected that a security worker could dance like that. The first dance was hip-hop. During the second dance, a group of students joined him to the song “Can’t touch this” and they began to dance a pre-rehearsed dance.

School Resource Officer says goodbye with an unforgettable performance – YouTube

At the end, the security worker performed another hip-hop dance and said goodbye to the teachers and students. It was an unforgettable performance. The children surrounded him and hugged him. It was very touching to see how much they love their cop.

The man wished everyone a good school year and a lot of knowledge, said that he loves all the guys and will always remember and miss them. He also promised to visit his favorite school from time to time. This is the kind of staff that should work in schools.

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