WATCH: Gutfeld Makes Jessica Tarlov SNAP During Fiery Defense Of Trump

Greg Gutfeld pushed the buttons of “The Five” liberal co-host Jessica Tarlov earlier this week, sending her into a raging attack on former President Donald Trump over his recently settled case against E. Jean Carroll.

On Monday, the roundtable was discussing the January 26th decision by a judge to fine Trump $83.3 million for damages related to defamatory statements made against Carroll following a civil judgment against Trump in a rape case. Gutfield began by deferring to Tarlov for her thoughts.

“Let’s talk about that [Trump] lawsuit then. Go ahead Jessica, what are your thoughts?” Gutfeld asked.

Tarlov then expounded on Carroll’s right to $11 million for “reputation repair” and $7.3 million for emotional harm, with the remaining $65 million in punitive damages.


“My thoughts are that you shouldn’t sexually assault people and then you shouldn’t defame them,” she shot back.

The back-and-forth sparked a heated discussion over whether President Trump was actually found guilty of rape, with Gutfeld and fellow co-host Judge Jeanine Pirro emphasizing that a civil finding does not equate to a guilty verdict.

“Yes, he was! He was by a jury,” Tarlov shouted. “Oh it’s a civil, that means it doesn’t count?”

Keeping things light, Gutfeld pivoted.

“It’s always nice to bring something up that has nothing to do with the topic,” he laughed.

“It does! He said the campaign strategy…” Tarlov started before Jesse Watters raised his finger and told her to “stop interrupting everybody.”

President Trump has cast the Carroll verdict as part of a “witch hunt” by personal and political enemies intent on damaging his opportunity to retake the White House in November. Carroll has maintained that she was sexually assaulted by President Trump decades ago and only recently came forward to see justice. She recently appeared on MSNBC where she joked with liberal host Rachel Maddow about spending the large settlement on new wardrobes, prompting some uncomfortable glances from her attorney, who sat at her side.

The Carroll verdict, and criticism of Trump’s treatment of women generally, has dovetailed with a criminal case brought by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg accusing the Republican of obscuring business records when he allegedly paid an adult film star to settle rumors of an affair. President Trump has maintained his innocence and case the woman, Stormy Daniels, as another opportunity like Carroll.

Defenders of the former president, including Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO), have pushed back in public remarks, turning the tables on President Joe Biden for “sniffing little girls’ hair,” a situation that the Democrat has found himself caught in multiple times throughout his first term.

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