“Step Aside”: Even CNN Turns On Fani Willis [WATCH]

Speaking during the Friday, February 1 broadcast of CNN’s “AC360,” which is normally hosted by CNN’s Anderson Cooper, CNN Senior Legal Analyst and former prosecutor Elie Honig spoke out about the DA Fani Willis situation.

He spoke about it to Jum Sciutto, who was filling in for Anderson Cooper as the program’s host.

In any case, Honig argued that it is time for Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis needs to “step aside” in her case against former President Donald Trump and 18 members of his 2020 campaign and legal teams. Particularly, Honig argued that DA Willis should recuse herself from the case for two reasons: her alleged conflict of interest due to her relationship with special prosecutor Nathan Wade and statements she made about the jury pool.

Honig’s comments on the matter came when the guest host, Jim Sciutto asked him if DA Willis should step down in the Trump RICO case. Sciutto asked, “”

Responding, Honig said that it is high time for DA Willis to do so, and that the judge might even force her to step aside given the circumstances. Beginning, Honig told Sciutto, “.”

Continuing, Honig argued that DA Willis’s court-filing response to the accusations was far from sufficient in answering the big questions about her conduct, not just about the nature of her relationship with Wade, one the filing terms a “personal relationship,” but more importantly the potential conflict of interest and jury pool issues.

Speaking about that, Honig said, “.”

Watch him here:

Honig didn’t just speak out about the Fani Willis situation in his AC360 appearance. He also did so in a similarly timed op-ed for New York Magazine. In it, he wrote, “.”

Further, Honig commented on the general impropriety, or at least appearance of impropriety, in the Willis-Wade relationship, wroting, “.”

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