JUST IN: Lauren Boebert Makes Drastic Move In Her Personal Life

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO) has secured a temporary protective order against her former spouse, Jayson Boebert, following accusations that he removed and damaged belongings from her residence in Silt, as documented in the records of a Garfield County court.

The recent legal maneuver on Friday marked yet another confrontation in the ongoing discord between Boebert and her ex-husband, who parted ways in October after a marriage spanning 18 years, a union that blessed them with four offspring and one grandchild.

At 37, the lawmaker’s plea for a temporary restraining order brings to light two incidents from January that have now entangled Jayson, 43, in legal troubles. He faces allegations that include impeding a law enforcement officer, engaging in harassment, and committing assault.

In the motion submitted on Friday, Boebert is requesting a restraining order to protect herself and her four children, three of whom are minors, citing reasons of stalking and the risk of physical violence.

The Denver Post reported:

In the filing, she alleged that Jayson Boebert entered her Silt home on Friday morning without permission, removed her personal belongings and informed her by text message that he destroyed them.

He also has “made multiple suicidal threats and threats to harm me over the past 14 months,” Lauren Boebert wrote in the filing.

A judge granted the temporary restraining order for Lauren Boebert and her three minor children later that day. Jayson Boebert is set to appear in court on the restraining order on Thursday.

A spokesperson for Lauren Boebert declined to comment on the protection order Monday. Jayson Boebert did not respond to a request for comment.

On January 6th at Silt eatery, Jayson reportedly engaged in a heated dispute with Lauren, subsequently contacting the authorities with claims that she had assaulted him, and thereafter defied police instructions to vacate the premises upon their arrival.

In the legal documents submitted on Friday, Lauren accused Jayson of desiring to tarnish her reputation with adverse media attention, a wish he expressed following his police call that evening. A subsequent altercation on January 9th saw Jayson, allegedly under the influence, embroiled in a physical skirmish with their 18-year-old son. The situation escalated when, upon the son’s call to the sheriff’s office, Jayson was said to have seized a rifle.

Boebert, the representative for the 3rd Congressional District, secured her position once more in 2022 by a slim margin. Toward the end of December, she declared her candidacy for the upcoming election in the 4th Congressional District, mentioning that her choice was motivated by the desire for “a fresh start following a difficult year for me and my family.” She has also recently relocated to Windsor, located within the 4th District.

Back in September, Boebert was also involved in a controversy after being escorted out of a “Beetlejuice” performance in Denver. The incident led to widespread attention when a surveillance video emerged showing Boebert and a male companion disrupting the show by vaping, singing, and causing disturbances.

Boebert initially denied acting inappropriately but later apologized after the video footage became public. She acknowledged vaping during the show, which contradicted her earlier claims of simply being too enthusiastic as an audience member.

The theater staff had to intervene due to multiple complaints about their behavior, which included loud talking, vaping, and using cameras during the performance, leading to their removal from the venue. Boebert’s actions and subsequent apology highlight the challenges of balancing personal conduct with public expectations of elected officials.

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