Aaron Rodgers Goes Off On Big Pharma, MSM During Fiery ‘Rogan’ Interview

In an interview on “The Joe Rogan Experience,” NFL superstar Aaron Rodgers delivered a fiery monologue aimed at the mainstream media (MSM) and Big Pharma.

“I was C0VlD MVP. I was two-time MVP during C0VlD,” Rodgers remarked. “They had to shut the f*ck up when it comes down to the performance… And then over time, I think a lot of people that demonized you especially the fans they realize you were right,” Rogan commented.

The quarterback didn’t hold back in his critique of the pharmaceutical industry and its influence over public opinion and policy. “They’re literally criminal organizations that have some of the biggest criminal fines in the history of this country,” Rodgers stated.

Rodgers discussed his willingness to engage in meaningful conversations, even with those who have publicly criticized him, such as Jimmy Kimmel. He mentioned a potential appearance on Kimmel’s show and his preference for a private conversation to “iron some things out” before engaging in a public dialogue.

In early January, the feud between Rodgers and Kimmel escalated into a full-blown media spectacle. The controversy began with Rodgers’ discussion about the Epstein client list on the Pat McAfee Show in 2023. Kimmel responded at the time by portraying Rodgers as an “overly concussed wacko” for his views, which sparked a media frenzy.

Rodgers raised the topic by mentioning Kimmel’s name on the Epstein list, leading to speculation about the late-night host, as well as other celebrities. Kimmel took it personally and threatened to sue Rodgers.

The NFL star was also candid about the backlash he’s faced for his outspoken views, especially regarding C0VlD-l9 and vaccinations. “I have a platform. Some people want you to just shut up and throw a football, and that’s fine, but I think there has to be certain voices of reason,” Rodgers shared.

Rodgers also touched on the broader implications of his stance, including the contentious issue of the Epstein scandal and its coverage in the media. “Nobody watched the f*cking clip, that’s why. They just saw a headline… Oh, it’s the anti-vax guy again. Let’s f*cking hammer him.”

The 40-year-old quarterback hopes to return to the football field next fall. Rodgers tore his achilles Week 1 of 2023 against the Buffalo Bills. He almost returned to the playing field in a potential winter comeback, however, the Jets were seemingly out of contention at the time.

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