“WE LOVE TRUMP”: Huge Crowd Of Young People Rallies To Trump In South Carolina [WATCH]

An awesome video out of the town of Conway, South Carolina, shows a huge crowd of young people rallying in support of former president and likely 2024 GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, cheering wildly for him ahead of one of his famous campaign rallies.

The rally will occur at Coastal Carolina University at around 2 pm on Saturday, February 10. The rally comes two weeks ahead of the GOP’s South Carolina primary, which is scheduled for Saturday, February 24th. Though Trump challenger Nikki Haley is from South Carolina and was once the state’s governor, Trump is widely expected to win the ruby-red state.

The event, the doors of which will open at 11 am before it starts at 2 pm, is expected to be so crowded that the Horry County Police Department posted a traffic advisory on X before it began, saying, “🛑 TRAFFIC ADVISORY – DIGNITARY VISIT 🛑 Horry County will be visited by a dignitary later today. Please be aware of potential traffic disruptions before you head out. Traffic delays are most likely to occur near the college campuses in Conway. Pack your patience.”

In any case, the video was tweeted out on X by OANN correspondent Daniel Baldwin. In it, a massive crowd of young adults, many of whom are wearing Trump’s famous MAGA hats, can be seen wildly cheering for Trump and chanting “We Want Trump!” Captioning in the video, Baldwin wrote, ‘“WE LOVE TRUMP!’ So many young people out here supporting President Trump in Conway, South Carolina!”

Another video of the event emerged, also showing the deafening “We Want Trump” chant and the massive crowd of young Americans there to support the former president. Posting that clip, X account @uspolitics123 said, “IT’S RALLY DAY IN SOUTH CAROLINA!!!🥳🥳🥳 THEY ALL CAME TO SEE THE REAL PRESIDENT!!!❤️🇺🇸 #TrumpRally”

Trump, posting on Truth Social about Special Counsel Hur’s investigation into Joe Biden on the morning of the 10th, said, “‘Special Counsel Robert Hut released a long-awaited and bitingly critical report that concluded criminal charges against President Joe Biden were not warranted but said there was evidence Biden WILLFULLY RETAINED & SHARED HIGHLY CLASSIFIED Information when he was a private citizen, including documents about military and foreign policy in Afghanistan. The report repeatedly pointed to Biden’s hazy memory in language that has raised new concerns about the president’s competency and age – a top concern for Voters.’ AP. SO THEN WHY ARE THEY CHARGING ME, I DID NOTHING WRONG??? PRESIDENTIAL RECORDS ACT! A TWO TIER SYSTEM OF JUSTICE. THIS IS AN ATTACK ON SLEEPY JOE’S POLITICAL OPPONENT, ME. IT IS LARGE SCALE ELECTION INTERFERENCE!”

Further, in a post about gun rights the night before, he said, “It was my Great Honor to speak at the @NRA Presidential Forum at the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. REMEMBER! 4 more years of Joe Biden means 4 more years of anti-gun Communists running the A.T.F. It means hundreds of more Radical Left judges waging a crusade against law-abiding gun owners—And 4 more years of Joe Biden means a non-stop war on gun makers, dealers, and sellers designed to put the entire industry out of business! Together, WE will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

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