Pastor’s Remake Of Woke ‘He Gets Us’ Super Bowl Ad Goes Viral

The “He Gets Us” Super Bowl advertisement, aimed at depicting Jesus’ teachings in a contemporary context to appeal to a broad audience, has inspired a wave of impassioned responses.

Dubbed by some as the “Woke Jesus Commercials,” the campaign has been a topic of conversation. Mixed reactions have ranged from appreciation for attempting to share Jesus’ message with a wide audience, to critiques that the ads dilute or misrepresent the gospel’s core messages.

Among these, a new standout version of the ad has captured the hearts of viewers, being hailed as the best reinterpretation of the original message. One particular rendition stands out, praised for capturing the essence of what many believe the original campaign aimed to achieve but fell short of.

Pastor Jamie Bambrick created his own version, writing on X, “The Christian Super Bowl Ad They SHOULD Have Made… Here’s my take on what they should have done.”

Bambrick’s version, celebrated for its faithfulness and creativity, has been described as the best adaptation by far.

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