Actor Billy Dee Williams Shocks ‘The View’ Hosts With Anti-Woke Comments

In Tuesday’s appearance on “The View,” the iconic Billy Dee Williams, renowned for his smooth charisma on screen, left the hosts somewhat stunned with his candid remarks, challenging the prevailing trends of ‘wokeness’ in Hollywood and beyond.

Williams, promoting his new memoir, “What Have We Here: Portraits of a Life,” recounted his journey from a young boy in New York City to becoming a Hollywood legend. However, it was his departure from the expected script that caught everyone off guard.

Williams was asked, “So, you did star as… in the industry at a time when a few people of color were on TV and in movies.”

“Everybody is people of color,” he interjected.

“Yes, well, a black man,” said Sunny Hostin.

“Well, a brown-skinned man,” Williams clarified.

“And early on, you struggled to find work being offered either stereotypical roles or nothing at all, and you write about it, sending you into a depression. Did you ever think about quitting, and if you didn’t, what kept you going?” asked Hostin.

“Well, I don’t know. You know, you just live from moment to moment, and do what you have to do, and expect things to not always go your way,” Williams reflected.

However, it was his departure from the expected narrative on masculinity that raised eyebrows. When discussing Carl Jung’s concepts of animus and anima, Williams invoked the term “toxic masculinity,” sparking a lively exchange with the hosts.

“In fact, I was talking about it and somebody—what was that phrase, the gender phrase?”

“Oh, toxic masculinity,” interjected Sara.

“Binary fluid,” suggested Joy, followed by a chuckle.

“Gender fluid. My daughter got very excited about that,” Williams added.

“Did she?” inquired Joy.

“Yeah,” confirmed Williams.

“Why?” queried Joy.

“Well, because she’s a liberal,” Williams replied, prompting more laughter from the hosts.

As the interview concluded, Williams left the audience with a mix of nostalgia for his iconic roles. Known for his iconic roles in films such as “Star Wars,” he has generally kept his political views private.

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