Fani Willis Relentlessly Mocked For Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction

A visibly flustered Fani Willis took the stand on Thursday, rushing to combat allegations that she improperly hired a romantic partner and showered him with taxpayer-funded gifts.

The haste to prepare for testimony was so great, in fact, that observers noticed Willis appeared to be wearing her dress completely backward.

Images of the Fulton County district attorney circulating online show Willis, documents in hand, striding back to her seat after bombshell testimony rebutting the allegations made by the attorney for Trump co-defendant Michael Roman. Viewers on X were quick to note that the bow tie across the midsection of her fuschia dress — not to mention the zipper at the top — was meant to be on the back.

“Has she never worn clothes before?? Why would she think it zips up the front, and that the sash ties in the front?” wrote one user who posted a photo of the fashion faux pas.

Another wrote that she knew exactly where the dress came from and yes, it was turned around on perhaps the most important day of Willis’ career.

“Adrianna Papell knit crepe tied knee length sheath dress, color ‘camilla’ or ‘caramilla’, circa Nordstrom 2016ish, $129 with no discount, a tailor took in her shoulders and yes, she is wearing it backwards,” wrote X user Taylor Day.

Close-ups of Wills on the stand confirmed the presence of a zipper at her neckline, leaving observers astounded as to how she could have prepared for live television that morning and let her backward-facing dress go unnoticed.

Popular conservative account End Wokeness said Fani’s flag lapel pin was also askew, adding to the harried look that she should have perhaps fixed while at home.

On the stand, Willis went into overdrive against defense attorney Ashley Merchant, sarcastically replying “no, lady” when asked whether she had improperly bought first-class airline tickets for Nathan Wade, a special prosecutor hired by her office to the tune of $728,000 to investigate former President Donald Trump and his 18 co-defendants.

At one point the heated exchange became so great that Judge Scott McAfee called for a five-minute recess to let both sides cool down. Upon their return, he asked both attorneys to stop “talking over one another” and warned Willis that “we have to listen to the questions as asked. And if this happens again and again, I’m going to have no choice but to strike your testimony.”

Throughout the morning, Willis called the allegations against her “dishonest” and “extremely offensive,” at one point raising documents being discussed and waving them in Merchant’s face as she shouted, “this is a lie!” Not long before, Wade stormed out of the courtroom as Merchant began to call her first witness.

Following the evidentiary hearing, wall-to-wall coverage on the three major cable news networks all indicated that Willis is not only at risk of being disqualified from the case, but may face criminal charges as well. Her dismissal would prompt Georgia officials to see another prosecutor who would be empowered to downgrade charges or dismiss the case against Trump altogether.

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