Sylvester Stallone Tells Daughters He’s Moving From California To Florida

Hollywood icon Sylvester Stallone made a big announcement during Wednesday’s premiere of “The Family Stallone” Season 2.

Surrounded by his daughters Scarlet, Sistine, and Sophia, Stallone revealed the decision that the family is leaving their longstanding home in California for new horizons in Florida.

The scene unfolded as Sly addressed his family: “After long, hard consideration, your mother and I have decided it’s time to move on and leave the state of California permanently, and we’re going to go to Florida. We’re gonna sell this house.”

The announcement was met with a chorus of shock from his daughters. “Is this a joke?”

This was met with Stallone’s firm rebuttal, “It’s not a joke at all.” The star further cemented the finality of their move, revealing, “We already have the place. It’s a done deal.”

“The Family Stallone” Season 2 premiere provided an intimate look into the lives of one of Hollywood’s most beloved families. The switch from California, a state known for its liberal leanings, to Florida has not gone unnoticed by the public either.

Initially reported in December, Stallone’s wife, Jennifer Flavin, explained to Fox News the move was driven by a desire for change.

“I was born and raised there, two of our kids were born there, but now everyone’s out, our daughters moved to the East Coast … so there wasn’t really anything left for me in California,” she explained. “A few of our best friends also moved, so I think it’s [a] good change, just making new friends, living a totally different lifestyle. I love it, I’m really happy.”

The move to Florida was not just a change of scenery but also a creative boost for Stallone. In his Netflix documentary “Sly,” he mentioned that changing his environment was beneficial for reigniting his creative process.

“I wasn’t moving because ‘Oh, wow, I wanted another beautiful view.’ Any time changing that paradigm which you become used to, it’s literally to jump-start that process again,” Stallone said.

“I think California is probably the most beautiful state in the United States, I absolutely love it, but I just needed a change,” Flavin said. “I felt like I’ve been there long enough, and life is short, so I wanted to make a change and not just be sitting in one house the rest of my life.”

The couple’s former home in L.A. includes a statue of Stallone’s iconic character Rocky, which was a key selling point for its next buyer, Adele. Despite initially planning to take the statue with him, Stallone left it behind as part of the sale.

Their new residence in Palm Beach, Florida, is a sprawling $35.4 million estate, boasting over 13,000 square feet of living space, including a main house, a guest house, and a pool pavilion. The property, which faces over 250 feet of beachfront, reflects the couple’s desire for a fresh start and a different lifestyle.

The move by Stallone and Flavin highlights a trend among celebrities who are now choosing to leave the blue state for a multitude of reasons.

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