Atlanta Church Honors Fani Willis Despite Corruption Claims, Scrutiny

Atlanta Church Honors Fani Willis Despite Corruption Claims, Scrutiny

Despite the hot water she’s in over her “personal relationship” with special prosecutor Nathan Wade and the material benefits she allegedly received from that relationship, Fulton County, Georgia, District Attorney Fani Willis was honored by an Atlanta-area church on Saturday, February 17. That came when she spoke at and received an award from the Berean Church.

During her appearance at the church, DA Willis spoke about the situation she faces and quoted scripture in her defence. She also received a “Black History Achievement Award” from Berean Seventh-day Adventist Church.

During her speech, DA Willis described the church’s invitation as “heartwarming,” saying, “So when I was invited here, it was really heartwarming because to me, this is family, because family helps you when you’re up and when you’re down.” She added, “There are things going on recently that I won’t talk about, but everybody did not embrace me during those times, and Berean has continued to embrace me.”

That’s when she got to quoting the Bible in her defense. Doing so, she said, “The Scripture they keep sending me is ‘No weapon formed against you shall prosper.’ I need y’all to hear me, though. They did not say the weapons will not form.” That verse, for reference, is Isaiah 54:17, which provides, “‘No weapon formed against you shall prosper, And every tongue which rises against you in judgment You shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, And their righteousness is from Me,’ Says the Lord.”

In any case, DA Willis went on from there, continuing to try to use Scripture to her advantage. She said, “And that’s the part I didn’t hear until recently. Just because they won’t prosper, it doesn’t mean that they won’t form, even if you feel like everything you are doing in your life is the right thing, and you’re making mistakes all along the way, but you’re trying.” She added, “You should not think that those weapons will not form.”

Still not done, she said, “The other lesson that I’ve learned in these three years is God ordains those weapons. He puts those weapons in your life to form against you and if you really understand Him, you become in your maturity to understand He does it for a reason and it’s to grow you and it’s to make you stronger and it is to prepare you.”

DA Willis was on stage and speaking because she was accepting, as mentioned above, the “Black History Achievement Award” from the church. The award was giving to her “in appreciation for outstanding service rendered to our church and to our community.” Further, she was gifted, by teh congregation, a book called “Conflict of the Ages,” which was written by Seventh-day Adventist Church co-founder Ellen White. Still not done, she was also given flowers.

The appearance came shortly after DA Willis’ disastrously bad courtroom appearance over her relationship with Wade, which included, among other things, her attacking his supposedly misogynistic behavior while she was on the stand.

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