Trump Makes Passionate Call For A Return To Christian Values: ‘Bring Back Our Religion’

On the eve of the Republican primary election, former President Donald Trump made a passionate plea for the resurgence of Christian values in America in a fervent appeal to supporters in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Speaking to a charged crowd, Trump declared, “We have to bring back our religion. It’s the biggest thing missing from this country. We have to bring back Christianity.”

Trump has often highlighted his Christian faith, especially in public statements and during campaigns. His presidency was marked by strong support from evangelical Christian groups, who play a crucial role in his electoral base.

Trump’s administration took several steps that resonated well with conservative Christian and evangelical communities during his four-year term. These included his appointments to the Supreme Court, which shifted the balance toward a more conservative stance on issues such as abortion and religious freedom.

Trump frequently appeared at Christian events and was known to seek counsel from a group of evangelical advisers. His stance on Israel, particularly his decision to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, was also highly praised by many Christians, who saw it as fulfilling biblical prophecy.

In December Trump made a bold promise to end what he called the “war on Christians” in America. He then criticized the Biden administration’s policies and vowed to restore religious freedom and respect for Christian values upon his return to office.

“As soon as I get back in the Oval Office, I’ll also immediately end the war on Christians,” Trump said. “I don’t know if you feel it. You have a war. There’s a war under crooked Joe Biden. Christians and Americans of faith are being persecuted and government has been weaponized against religion like never before.”

“They’ve targeted conservative parents of school board meetings who don’t want filth taught to their children. It’s filth. What they’re teaching in schools is filth.”

The timing of Trump’s call could not be more critical, as South Carolina voters are poised to cast their ballots in the Republican primary on Saturday. With Trump leading the polls by a substantial margin, his words carry significant weight.

Current polling places him 30 points ahead of Haley, signaling strong support for his message and candidacy among the Republican base.

According to the latest NBC News poll, 34% of Republican primary voters hold a favorable view of Nikki Haley, while 36% see her unfavorably, resulting in a net rating of -2. This marks a significant shift from November’s NBC News poll, where Haley’s favorability among GOP primary voters was higher, at 43% positive compared to 17% negative, giving her a net rating of +26.

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