Hilarious Moment Unfolds When People Wave To Trump From Mexico: ‘They Like Trump, Can You Believe It?’

An unexpected and hilarious moment unfolded during former President Donald Trump’s visit to the U.S.-Mexico border in Eagle Pass, Texas on Thursday.

Trump and Biden each visited border entry points in Texas on Thursday, with Trump joining Governor Greg Abbott in Eagle Pass while Biden met with Border Patrol officials in Brownsville. Over the last several weeks, Texas has been involved in a standoff with the Biden Administration after state law enforcement and national guard personnel seized control of a public park in Eagle Pass.

Texas officials have refused to allow federal agents to access the park while law enforcement and national guard personnel have constructed land and water-based barriers. Governor Abbott also signed a law that will allow Texas border security personnel to detain illegal aliens, though a federal judge issued a temporary injunction against the policy earlier this week.

After arriving in Eagle Pass, former President Trump shook hands with Texas National Guard troops and law enforcement personnel as he toured the Shelby Park area. Trump could be seen walking alongside Abbott and Texas law enforcement officials as they surveyed the border area around the Rio Grande River.

“Nice weather, beautiful day, but a very dangerous border,” Trump told reporters. “But we’re gonna take care of it.”

In addition to Trump’s warm reception in Texas, the president’s visit was also watched intently by a group of people on the Mexican side of the border. At one point, the presumptive Republican nominee stopped to wave across the border while onlookers waved back and yelled “Trump.”

“They love Trump. Can you believe it?” Trump said with a smirk.

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