CDC Revises Guidelines, Wants C0VlD to be Treated Like Flu

Reversing their previous guidelines, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now says isolation for five days is not necessary for those who tested positive for C0VlD.

The CDC recently recommended treating C0VlD similar to flu or other respiratory illness.

“The new guidance brings a unified approach to addressing risks from a range of common respiratory viral illnesses, such as C0VlD, flu, and RSV, which can cause significant health impacts and strain on hospitals and health care workers,” as per CDC’s media release last Friday.

Additionally, the CDC remarked, “While every respiratory virus does not act the same, adopting a unified approach to limiting disease spread makes recommendations easier to follow and thus more likely to be adopted and does not rely on individuals to test for illness, a practice that data indicates is uneven.”

In contrast with its 2021 recommendation, the government’s health agency now encourages people to return to “normal activities when, for at least 24 hours, symptoms are improving overall, and if a fever was present, it has been gone without the use of a fever-reducing medication.”

Meanwhile, the CDC recommends people with C0VlD and influenza acquire treatment to lessen their symptoms or prevent its effects from worsening.

However, the health agency still urged people to use a well-fitting mask and to keep a distance from others.

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