Experts Think Judge McAfee Will Disqualify Fani Willis; Evidence Could Result in Her Imprisonment

Judge Scott McAfee relayed on Friday that he will decide on Fani Willis’ ethics case within the next two weeks.

Despite the uncertainty on election interference charges against Donald Trump, for several legal experts, Fani Willis’ case is beyond repair.

Willis, who serves as Fulton County district attorney, charged former president Trump and 18 associates with racketeering case. But her scandal with former lover Nathan Wade has derailed her case against the GOP leader and will probably affect her momentum in securing plea deals, said legal experts.

Chris Timmons, a former prosecutor in Georgia, quipped: “The cloud that’s hanging over this case—it’s a real concern and it’s certainly going to stay with Willis.”

Judge McAffee, however, did not tip his hand and maintained to deliver his written ruling in the next two weeks. He presided over the closing arguments last Friday.

Emotions ran high as the defense lawyers and Willis’ team delivered their arguments, and the controversial trial concluded.

The trial, which began in January, exposed Willis and Wade’s illicit relationship and how the two financially benefited from the case.

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