Tyrant Whoopi Goldberg Stuns Co-Host, Wants Every Republican in Jail

Communist tyrant Whoopi Goldberg went on an unhinged rant during an episode of The View this week as the panel tackled the SCOTUS’ decision to hear oral arguments on former President Donald Trump’s immunity claim.

Goldberg suggested that Joe Biden could “throw every Republican in jail” if the Supreme Court ruled that Trump is indeed immune from criminal prosecution.

“The Supreme Court won’t hear oral arguments until the end of April. Let’s look at a scenario where the Supreme Court says, ‘Yes, he has all those rights. He is immune from everything.’ Do you know what Joe Biden could do since he is presently president? He could throw every Republican in jail,” claimed Goldberg.

Co-host Joy Behar who was initially stunned, was forced to chime in to avoid dead air.

“So they’re basically kicking the can down the road though,” said Behar.

“They’re not taking up this case immediately. So what’s their motivation then if we all know that they can’t do what you just said because of the extreme power that the president would have? What is their motivation for not doing it right away?”

Sunny Hostin even alleged that Trump’s immunity claim is his “get-out-jail-free card.”

“The left has become so unhinged that if they can’t lock up Trump, then they’ll just lock us up instead,” Texas state lawmaker Wesley Hunt said.

Cecilia Glennon blasted Goldberg and said that Biden’s DOJ has been “putting Republicans in jail for three years straight.”

“What a disgusting communist slob, she is a disgrace,” remarked The Raging Patriot’s co-founder Nicholas Pagnotta.

The SCOTUS on Wednesday granted former president Donald Trump certiorari and will decide on his presidential immunity claim regarding the federal criminal case involving him in the violence that occurred on the January 6 Capitol demonstration.

This decision will pause lower courts from tackling charges related to the case.

Thus, putting on hold trial for the criminal charges filed by Special Counsel Jack Smith and will review the lower court’s decision on Trump’s presidential immunity.

On February 6, the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit turned down Trump’s immunity appeal.

The SCOTUS will begin the oral arguments by April 22 on an expedited schedule.

Meanwhile, to give way for the SCOTUS, Judge Tanya Chutkan postponed the scheduled trial on Special Counsel Smith’s election interference case indefinitely.

Several news outlets have predicted that there is a high possibility that Smith’s case may happen past November or post the 2024 election.

Trump’s legal team emphasized that Trump, while he served as President of the United States, should be guaranteed “full” immunity for any “alleged” crimes he committed.

As reported by CBS News, Trump’s attorneys said in last month’s filing, “In 234 years of American history, no president ever faced criminal prosecution for his official acts. Until 19 days ago, no court had ever addressed whether immunity from such prosecution exists.”

“To this day, no appellate court has addressed it. The question stands among the most complex, intricate, and momentous issues that this Court will be called on to decide.”

For President Trump’s lawyers, his actions on Jan. 6 were done while performing his duties as president, arguing that the GOP leader takes election integrity and threats of election fraud seriously.

On the other hand, prosecutors insist that Trump has no immunity, stating that the charge against him was a criminal case.

The high court ordered both parties to limit their arguments to the question: “Whether and if so to what extent does a former President enjoy presidential immunity from criminal prosecution for conduct alleged to involve official acts during his tenure in office.”

Aside from the charges brought by Smith in August 2023, Trump also has pending court hearings in three more criminal cases. Trump maintained that he was innocent in all of them and emphasized that all the charges were politically motivated.

It will be the first time the SCOTUS will address and decide whether presidents have immunity from criminal prosecution.

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