Letitia James Gets Drowned Out By Firefighters Chanting ‘Trump’ During FDNY Speech

New York Attorney General Letitia James found herself at the center of a politically charged moment during Thursday’s New York Fire Department (FDNY) promotion ceremony.

Just after expressing her gratitude towards FDNY Commissioner Laura Kavanagh, James’ speech was suddenly overshadowed by a chorus of “Trump” chants from the crowd.

The incident took place in what was meant to be a celebration of the FDNY’s latest promotions. However, the atmosphere shifted dramatically when several attendees began to vocalize their support for former President Donald Trump, effectively drowning out James’ address to the gathered firefighters and their families.

Footage from the event shows James attempting to carry on with her speech amidst the growing noise. In response to the unexpected interruption, James appealed to the crowd, reminding them, “Come on, we’re in a house of God… simmer down.” Despite her efforts to restore order and continue her address, the chants persisted, Newsweek reports.

James was behind the New York fraud case against Trump and his business, alleging the Trump Organization fraudulently inflated assets’ values to secure loans and insurance deals​.

A $455 million judgment against the former President and 2024 favorite is accruing interest at a rate exceeding $110,000 each day based on a 9% annual rate on the total judgment of $464 million.

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