This Quarter Made In 1999 Is Worth Thousands, And People Are Scrambling To Find Them

Coin collectors are urged to inspect their change jars thoroughly, as a 1999 Georgia quarter is fetching upwards of $7,200 due to a minting error.

This rare coin, part of the state quarters program, features a unique gold-tinted alloy, differing from standard quarters. Despite the Treasury’s decision not to continue with this alloy, these Georgia quarters were still released, becoming highly sought after by collectors.

In January 2020, one of these quarters sold for $7,200 at auction. Recognizable by its weight, between 5.9 and 6.3 grams, and thicker shape, these quarters lack the typical ridges along the edge. Coin holders should seek appraisal from a reputable dealer if they suspect they possess this valuable Georgia quarter.

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