Financial Revelations: New York Attorney General Letitia James Under Scrutiny

Political scientist Mel Witte was taken aback when delving into New York Attorney General Letitia James’ financial report in late February.

Despite James’ recent victory in a $454 million ruling against former President Donald Trump, scrutiny of her expenditures revealed startling figures. In 2023 alone, James spent $28,500 on hotels, with a significant portion at a luxury hotel in Puerto Rico.

Her airfare totaled $84,000 over five years, including private jet rentals. Dining expenses reached $20,000 annually, encompassing a wide range from Dunkin Donuts to upscale steakhouses. Questionable expenses labeled as “office” costs included $7,000 at a nightclub.

While not illegal, these expenditures raise eyebrows, especially considering James’ campaign finances, which included numerous out-of-state donations suspected to involve ghost donors, as uncovered by Witte’s investigation.

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