Jay Leno Files Conservatorship for Ailing Wife, Mavis, Amid Dementia Battle

Mavis Leno, wife of Jay Leno, faces a decline in health due to advanced dementia, as revealed in recent court documents.

Sometimes failing to recognize her husband or recall her birthdate, the 77-year-old’s condition was outlined in a conservatorship petition filed by Jay Leno in January.

Seeking to establish a living trust for her care, Jay disclosed her diagnosis in the documents. Despite her health challenges, Mavis is described as delightful yet cognitively impaired. Endorsed by her neurologist and court-appointed counsel, Jay’s petition for conservatorship reflects his dedication to her well-being.

Known for philanthropy alongside Jay, Mavis’s public persona contrasts her husband’s, emphasizing their balance between activism and privacy in their enduring marriage.

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