Heroic Idaho Mother Defends Home Against Intruder in Justifiable Homicide

In Idaho, an 85-year-old mother and her disabled son faced a terrifying home invasion.

The intruder, Derek Condon, dressed in a military jacket and ski mask, handcuffed and threatened Christine Jenneiahn, demanding valuables.

Showing incredible courage, Christine remembered her .357 Magnum revolver hidden under her pillow. After hiding the gun near her, she waited for the right moment. Feeling threatened by Condon, Christine acted swiftly, shooting and killing him. Although wounded by Condon’s gunfire, Christine managed to call 911 hours later when her son gave her a phone.

The Bingham County Prosecutor, Ryan Jolley, deemed the shooting as justifiable homicide under Idaho law, citing Christine’s right to defend herself and her home. The Bingham County Sheriff’s Office praised Christine’s heroism, emphasizing the thorough investigation conducted to protect the case’s integrity.

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