Megyn Kelly Challenges Mainstream Media Bias and Trump’s Legacy

Megyn Kelly has been outspoken recently, taking aim at mainstream media figures like George Stephanopoulos.

Kelly criticized Stephanopoulos for his lack of understanding of Republican views, particularly after his interview with New Hampshire’s Governor Chris Sununu about supporting Trump.

Kelly argued that the media struggles to show consistent outrage, especially when it comes to Trump’s actions versus those of Democrats. She also questioned why Republicans continue to appear on shows that she believes treat them unfairly.

Meanwhile, other media figures, like CNN’s Chris Cillizza, are puzzled by voters’ nostalgia for Trump’s presidency. Amid Trump’s ongoing legal battles, debates arise about the media’s treatment of his cases compared to others. Additionally, figures like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Steve Bannon push back against media narratives about the Trump movement’s future.

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