Beyoncé’s Country Catastrophe: ‘Cowboy Carter’ Album Tanks, Critics Lament Genre Swap

In an unexpected turn of events, Beyoncé’s much-anticipated foray into country music with her album “Cowboy Carter” has hit a sour note with fans and critics alike, plunging to record-low ratings.

Dubbed as “yee-haw meets Yoncé,” the album’s attempt to blend hip-hop swagger with twangy tunes seems to have missed the mark. Critics are calling it “more cattle than hit,” with one reviewer quipping, “It’s like putting a cowboy hat on a lemonade stand—it just doesn’t quite work.”

While Beyoncé’s experimentation is commendable, it seems the only thing roped in by “Cowboy Carter” is a herd of disappointed listeners, left wondering if this was simply a case of the wrong boots on the wrong stage.

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