Jerry Seinfeld Blames ‘Extreme Left’ and Political Correctness for the Death of TV Comedy

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld boldly points the finger at “the extreme left” and political correctness for the demise of comedy on television.

In a recent interview, Seinfeld lamented the loss of once-beloved shows due to censorship and societal sensitivities. He argues that comedy, a timeless necessity, has fallen victim to the stifling effects of political correctness. Seinfeld reminisces about an era when audiences could reliably find humor on TV but notes the scarcity of such shows today.

Instead, audiences turn to unfiltered stand-up comedy for their laughs. Seinfeld illustrates how creative freedom is hampered by committees and censorship, citing an episode of “Seinfeld” that wouldn’t make it to air in today’s climate.

Despite the challenges, Seinfeld remains steadfast in his commitment to making audiences laugh, navigating the ever-shifting landscape of cultural sensitivities with agility and wit.

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