Roseanne Barr’s On-Stage Showdown: Declares ‘No Woke People Allowed Here’ in Confrontation with Robert De Niro

In a jaw-dropping scene straight out of a Hollywood script, Roseanne Barr sent shockwaves through the audience when she squared off against Robert De Niro on stage.

With a fiery glint in her eye, Barr boldly declared, “No Woke People Allowed Here,” stunning the crowd into silence. De Niro, known for his outspoken views, seemed momentarily taken aback before regaining his composure with a wry smile.

The incident left social media buzzing, with some hailing Barr as a champion of free speech while others questioned the appropriateness of her stance. One thing’s for sure: in the battle of wits and ideologies, this encounter will go down in the annals of entertainment history.

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