Mark Wahlberg just posted a rare photo of his sons, and they now tower over him they look exactly like their father

Mark Wahlberg, known as one of Hollywood’s top actors, keeps a low profile despite his fame.

He moved his family to Las Vegas for a quieter life and recently shared a photo of his towering sons. He married Rhea Durham in 2009, with just close family attending. The couple has four children, including their eldest, Ella Rae, born in 2003.

Mark lost his sister on Ella Rae’s birthdate, making it bittersweet. Despite occasional challenges with parenting, Wahlberg values fatherhood above all. He moved his family to Las Vegas in 2022 to provide more opportunities for his kids.

Their eldest son, Michael, shares Mark’s love for sports and recently celebrated his confirmation. Brendan Joseph, their second son, also loves basketball, while Grace Margaret, their youngest, recently turned 14.

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