The Tale of the Golf Game

Once upon a time, in a nearby land, a man entered the confessional booth.

He greeted the priest with a mix of guilt and embarrassment, saying, “Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.” The priest, sensing his sincerity, encouraged him to confess.

The man admitted that one weekend, instead of attending church, he was on a golf course with his friends. On the first tee, his drive went into the bushes. Frustrated, he pressed on and found his ball had luckily bounced to a clear spot.

As he approached the green, a squirrel grabbed his ball and ran up a tree. Suddenly, an eagle swooped down, seizing the squirrel. The eagle, with the squirrel in its talons, flew over the green. The squirrel dropped the ball, which landed just 5 inches from the hole.

The priest, excited, exclaimed, “Don’t tell me you missed the f…ing putt!” The man’s smile confirmed it.

This story reminds us to watch our words, even in surprising moments. Our language reflects our character and decency.

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