Kid brothers start their own business mowing dozens of lawns in their community

While most youngsters have spent their summer sleeping in and playing, three hardworking brothers have set up their own business, and it’s proving to be a success in their local town.

Brothers Marcus, Travell, and Marcelino McBride are just 12, 10, and 9, but have already set up their own businesses in their home city of Saginaw, Michigan.

Eldest brother Marcus decided he wanted to start a lawncare service a few months ago, and with a little help from mom Terri Reed, they started 3 Amigos Lawncare Service.

Toyo (T &T owner) and The 3 Amigos Thank you Toyo for the $300 donation box and $1000 donation from you and your beautiful wife, Mala❤️❤️❤️

Posted by Amigos Lawncare Service on Monday, August 2, 2021
“Marcus told me that he wanted to start his own business doing lawn care work,” mom Terri told Michigan Live. “So, the following day, I got up and purchased all their equipment and their work clothes.”

Now, with lots of hard work and determination, they have a long list of regular customers.

The 3 Amigos did it again

Posted by Amigos Lawncare Service on Sunday, August 1, 2021
“I’m very proud of them,” their mom added. “They’re some hard-working young boys.”

Now that the summer season is nearing, the three brothers plan to offer all-season services, clearing leaves and snow.

Proud mom Terri said her eldest son didn’t have any lawn care experience at the time, but he had a vision and “he likes to work.”

Sooooo, I told y’all my babies made a huge investment, and here it is!!!!! The three Amigos officially have their own…

Posted by Terri Reed on Thursday, August 5, 2021
Throughout the summer, the brothers have been busy mowing, weed-whacking, edging, trimming, bagging, and cleaning up.

“It’s going great. I didn’t expect them to be as busy as they are. It’s been crazy,” Terri said, who owns a number of rental properties in the area.

Now, with around 40 regular customers in the books, the boys have earned enough money to put into an investment property.

“They are enjoying it,” she said of the business. “They have their weekly pay days, and everything else goes into their business accounts.”

These boys deserve all their success and more. Such a great way to spend the summer.

Let’s wish them a happy and prosperous future in their new ventures by sharing this story.

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