“Epitome Of Elegance And Grace”: Melania Gives Emotional Eulogy For Deceased Mother

Melania Trump gave an emotional tribute to her mother, Amalija Knavs, on Thursday, January 18th, after Knavs passed away on January 9 in Miami at the age of 78. During the powerful speech, she spoke about how Knavs immigrated to America to be with her grandson, Barron, and how Knavs was a wonderful mother and grandmother.

Speaking about her during the funeral, held in Palm Beach, Florida, at the Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea, Melania said: “My mother, the epitome of elegance and grace, exemplified the essence of a true woman. Her love for her husband, Viktor, my father; Ines, my sister; and me was boundless. Her nurturing spirit had no limits, creating a legacy that will last for generations.”

Continuing, she explained Knavs’ devotion to family life and being a wonderful grandmother after Barron was born, saying, “She showered her grandson, Barron, with affection, illuminating his world with love, tender care, and unwavering devotion.” Melania continued, “She embodied the best mother, wife, grandmother, mother-in-law, a true beacon of love and luxury in our lives.”

Then, explaining how seriously her mother took her US citizenship after she moved to the United States to be with Barron after he was born, Melania said, “With each step she took, she embraced the privilege bestowed upon her and, in time, the privilege of becoming a U.S. citizen. She vowed to contribute to make a difference in the world.”

She also noted that Knavs was filled with pride after her son-in-law, Donald Trump, was elected president. She said, “Filled with uncertainty, she knew an exquisite sense of pride as my husband became the President of the United States and as I embarked on a grand odyssey, traveling the corners of the globe as the first lady.”

Additionally, she added that the family all loved traveling with Knavs and having fun family dinners with her, saying, “My father, my sister, Barron, Donald and I will forever remember the echoes of our laughter that we share with our beloved Babi over family dinners and travels. Her conversations flowed effortlessly, adorned with grace and charm. No topic was off limits.”

Melania then went on to explain how close to each other she and her mother were, saying, “In her presence, the world seemed to shimmer with radiant joy. She was not just a friend, but a confidant. A ray of light in the darkest of days. In her company, I found peace knowing that she would always be there to listen. She celebrated our successes and provided unwavering support during chaotic times.”

Concluding, she said, “Our bond was unbreakable. A testament to the power of a true love for one another. She was my dear friend. An irreplaceable treasure. A gift bestowed upon me by the universe. And for that, I am entirely grateful. Rest in peace, my beloved mommy.”

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