SNL Mocks Biden Cronies Covering for President’s Declining Ability to Do the Job

Saturday Night Live took an unironic shot at Biden regime propaganda on its “comedy” show last night by running a mock interview between CNN’s Dana Bash and impeached Department of Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas.

In the clip, the actor playing Mayorkas hams up the Biden crony gaslighting about the president’s supposed mental and physical ability to do the job.

“I was just with him and behind closed doors, he‘s a dynamo. Joe went into beast mode,” an actor playing Mayorkas said. “He said, we‘re going to tighten this border. Look how easy I can cross it. Then he parkoured up to the top of the border wall, front-flipped into the Rio Grande, and came back up with a fish in his mouth.”

Impeached cartoon villain Alejandro Mayorkas defended Joe Biden after an SNL skit mocked the regime propaganda about the president’s mental acuity and physical ability to do the job.

“They should spend a bit of time with Joe Biden… I prepare a lot for meetings with him and engagements with him, but he’s remarkably detail-oriented, probing, and operationally focused.”

This is the same President Biden who has spent more time on vacation than any first-term president, dodges press questions from real reporters, often spouts gibberish during speeches, gets lost without handlers, and asks for permission on what to do next.

But the regime’s gaslighting about Biden’s mental and physical ability to do the job of President of the United States is so ludicrous that even SNL is poking fun at it.

CNN’s Dana Bash and DHS Sec Mayorkas can joke about it, but to the American people it’s no laughing matter.

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