Tom Hanks Booted from Barr’s Set: ‘No Room for Wokeness in Roseanne’s World!’

In a bizarre twist on the Hollywood stage, Tom Hanks, America’s sweetheart, was reportedly given the boot from Roseanne Barr’s latest project, with sources citing clashes over “wokeness.”

Apparently, Hanks’ penchant for promoting kindness and understanding clashed with Barr’s vision for the show, leading to his unceremonious departure.

“We don’t need Mr. Rogers spreading his feel-good vibes here,” quipped Barr, allegedly. Hanks, ever the diplomat, simply shrugged off the incident, noting that sometimes you have to leave the neighborhood when it’s not so neighborly. As for Barr’s show, it seems destined for ratings turbulence, proving once again that mixing politics with showbiz is a recipe for comedic disaster.

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