They are humans, not DOGS’: Father-of-five sparks furious debate after using a ‘LEASH’ to take his five-year-old quintuplets for a walk – but he insists it allows them to ‘do fun stuff without being stressed’

Raising children today is challenging, with young parents facing opinions from both family members and strangers online. Jordan Driskell, a 31-year-old father of quintuplets, found it taxing to manage his five curious 5-year-olds.

To solve this, he bought child leashes to keep them safe in public. Previously, he used a cumbersome 6-seat stroller, which quickly became inconvenient. The leashes allowed his children to explore safely, but a viral video of them at an aquarium sparked backlash, with critics saying children shouldn’t be leashed.

Dr. Deborah Gilboa, an expert, supports leashes for young or neuro-diverse children in public, emphasizing they are better than staying home. She advises verbal communication by age eight. Parents should be free to parent without undue judgment from society.

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